“isenthalpic” – Our new Enclosure Chillers

Introducing our new isenthalpic Chillers



This year we start introducing our new line of roof mounted enclosure chillers. These compact f-gas phase change Air-to-Air coolers are suitable for any light and medium duty commercial and industrial cabinet climate control.



From server and network equipment racks to high voltage and power line distribution electrical enclosures, our chillers will fit your requirements.




Ranging from 500W to 5kW cooling capacity, our chillers are running on new replacement low GWP HFC’s under the Montreal protocol such as R-32, R-449A, R-290 and comming soon: R-744

Circuit boards and power control equipment require more then low operating temperature for efficent 24/7 operation. Humidity plays an important role in electronics longevity just as well. Hence, our forced Air Evaporators with precicion superheat control are specifically designed to sustain necessary humidity level in a given application.

All-out design



Our Models are split in to fixed speed AC and variable speed DC compressors, both equipped with EEV’s (Electronic Expansion Valves), ESC fan management, oil return and alarm management controls with serial output capability for remote supervision systems or SCADA integration.

*Options for integrated or remote condenser.




Updates comming soon!

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