Deployed in 2017, PMV Projekt is a startup collaboration effort between experts in different fields, with a singular agenda: combine knowledge and experience to meet the most demanding challenges in the design, installation, repair & maintenance, optimization and sustainability of mission critical refrigeration & HVAC systems.

Based in Tartu, Estonia, our field-based service and installation technicians serve the daily needs of customers across much of the nation. We are proud to enjoy long standing relationships with many of today’s leading printing houses as well as market-leaders in many other industries.


Leveraging the industry’s most advanced technologies, PMV provides refrigeration, air conditioning, ventilation and vapor phase change heating solutions to meet the needs of all types of facilities, stores and homes.

 Our employees have deep industry knowledge and strong technical skills enabling us to provide the right resources to solve our customers’ specific challenges the first time.


At PMV Projekt, we understand that providing the best technical expertise to our customers is only part of the equation. We also know that delivering services efficiently, consistently and timely is critical to our customers’ business.

It is this understanding that drives our relentless focus on operational excellence to make sure that your overall experience doing business with us is as positive, consistent and efficient as possible.


Unlike other service providers, at PMV we take a holistic approach to helping our customers manage the Total Cost of Ownership of their mission-critical refrigeration & HVAC systems. Our company was founded with energy optimization as a primary driver of our work, and this approach remains a key part of our culture today.

Our teams of experts are trained and experienced in designing, installing, repairing, maintaining and optimizing all manufacturers’ products. We lead the industry in the use of technology and mobile tools to support our field teams and ensure the service they provide is efficient, effective and consistent.

Our goal is to establish long term partnerships that improve sustainability and our customers’ bottom line.


Due to the complex nature of refrigeration, HVAC systems and the current trends toward natural refrigerant options, we continually stick to engineering and technical training to ensure that we provide our customers with expertise that is second to none.


A crucial philosophy in modern world- know your tech! A firm believe and motivation fueled by accurate tools provide the best possible experience to our customers.

That’s why we continually invest in the latest technology to enhance the customer experience and help us become a better business partner to you!

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